Dethrone The Sovereign Unveil Drum Playthrough For Title Track

Late last year, Dethrone the Sovereign blessed the metal community with their debut LP, Harbingers of Pestilence. And to prove theirselves even further, the group has now presented a drum playthrough of the album’s title track via Gear Gods.

Many artists are pigeonholed in one subgenre nowadays, but this Salt Lake City-based six-piece experiment with the progressive tendencies of tech-death as well as the catchiness and heaviness within deathcore/metalcore. Fans of Born of Osiris, Fallujah, or After the Burial need to check these guys out. The entire LP is now available digitally and physically worldwide, so go check out all nine killer tracks off Harbingers of Pestilence.

Drummer Derrik Schroeder made the following statement in regards to the premiere: “We are stoked to present the official drum playthrough for the title track from our full length record, Harbingers of Pestilence. This is one of my favorites to play from the album, it just has a unique structure that was really fun to write to. Some of the grooves and the kick patterns near the end were a challenge for me at this tempo initially, but it ended up being one of the more technical patterns we’ve written so learning it was worth it.”

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Kind words about Harbingers of Pestilence:

– Driven by sharp riffs that contrast with crystalline segments of moving classical guitar and beautiful, sprawling segments of symphonic excellence, Dethrone the Sovereign take deathcore and give it a drastic overhaul, including progression and punishment in equal amounts to create an intense listening experience – 9/10, New Transcendence

– Dethrone the Sovereign provides a substantial variety throughout the album. The compositions presented will satisfy fans across the board from tech-death and djent to proggy deathcore and electronic metalcore. There is not a single dull moment on Harbingers of Pestilence as the group’s extreme palette represents true dynamism. – 8/10, Metal Injection

– Title track “Harbingers of Pestilence” opens with a quintessentially djent rhythm before staccato symphonic stabs and aggressive arpeggios overwhelm the track in an excellently epic way. – 7/10, It Djents

Dethrone the Sovereign display a nice cross-section of various death subgenres. We get the technical, djent-heavy riffs, the synth touches, and the progressive song structures rolled into one. With so much talent on display, it is impossible to attribute the power of this album to any single member. – 9/10, Metal Trenches

– Whether you like complex prog metal, theatrical symphonic metal, or gritty death metal, Harbingers of Pestilence offers it all – 7.9/10, Music Existence 

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