Stargazer Debut Live Sessions

Stargazer today proudly present live renditions of “Skinwalker”, from their debut full length Tui La, and “Animus”, from their previous EP, titled Genesis. Both sessions are now premiering via Heavy Blog Is Heavy, and can be viewed here.

Stargazer is a Progressive Metal outfit, (FFO: The Contortionist, Between the Buried and Me, After the Burial) based off of the east coast who’s been busy, after putting out their full length last summer, in between tours and festivals, such as Launch 2018.

For all of you fans out there, that can’t catch the band live, this is the closest thing to an intimate, raw and honest live show you’ll get, as Matt Copp (vocals) shared: “We’re all pretty particular about play throughs, so for us it was a natural decision to make these in this manner. Everything you hear is us, the clean beats and the little mistakes and those together make it more organic, legitimate, and real to us”. Furthermore, the band added: “We wanted to give a raw taste of the rhythmic intricacy in Skinwalker, and ended up going with Animus, an older, groovier song for the second video. Thanks to Side B Studios and Reuther Productions for helping bringing this to life in a way we never thought we could”.

Tui La is available now worldwide, and you can purchase it here.


They said about Tui La:

I’d definitely say that this album is a highlight of music that’s releasing in August of 2017. – 9/10, New Transcendence

If their purpose was to write an album that’s intricate beyond mere instrumentation then they have succeeded as Tui La represents a challenging and non-standard approach to album composition – HEAVY BLOG IS HEAVY

The balance of each song in Tui La is incredible – 7.7/10, Soundfiction

Tui La may not be your typical headbanging experience when it comes to djent-heavy progressive metal, but […] there is a very interesting and well-performed album to enjoy.  It’s something familiar, and yet just different enough to take you to another kind of musical space – 8.3/10, Metal Trenches

Stargazer have produced something I am going to call “special”. The beginning is mild, ambient, “Tui” grips you, but what is about to follow is a mix of blissful ambiance, djent and a pinch of deathcore – 5/5, Djent Mag

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