As A Conceit Releases Hindered Playthrough

European Metalcore quintet drops brand new playthrough

Still riding the wave of their latest effort – Frown Upon Us, released in December 2016 – and pumped after their latest festival announcement, Ancient Astronaut Festival, As A Conceit gets once again in front of the camera to showcase their riffing skills, and decided to drop a playthrough for their track “Hindered”, premiering now via It Djents.

If you’re into technical, heavy Metalcore, for the likes of Northlane‘s newest album, or Architects, you’re bound to find much to sink your teeth into, and “Hindered” is just a glimpse of what the band can put together. Bouncy, groovy, catchy and meaningful doesn’t even begin to describe the Italian quintet’s piece, nor the rest of the album the track belong to.

Guitarist Giovanni had a couple words to share about the video: “While we’re in the middle of the writing process of our new material we decided to took some time to record this playthrough of our song ‘Hindered’ to let you guys fully enjoy some quality grooving while we’re at it. Check it out”.


More about the Band,

Formed in 2012, As a Conceit is a five-piece metalcore act calling home to the ever so famous Venice, Italy. AAC debuted their first single “Live Up To The Hype” in early 2013 whilst playing countless regional shows, the band followed up their debut in late 2013 with their Music Video of the single ‘Living Entities’ bringing a solid flow of new listeners which laid the foundation for the 2014 release of their EP entitled ‘Ebb/Flow’, contributing a more melodically driven and aggressive sound that was sure to stick through to the 2015 release of their Music Video for the single ‘Transient’ displaying the more melodic direction that the band was surely heading. After much anticipation, the quintet released their debut Full-Length Album on Dec, 2nd 2016 via Famined Records with plans for a European Tour come March 2017.

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“Epic refrains, Headbanging breakdowns, Goosebump creating interludes should encourage you to purchase this album” – Prog Sphere

“Frown upon us is a journey, clutching the listeners by the ears and bringing them along on an adventure through dissonance and dazzling ethereality alike” – 9.5/10, New Transcendence

“Quality riffs: melodic leads mixed with djenty, off-kilter blasts of distortion.  […].  Vocals are very passionate, rebellious, and ripe for sing-alongs” – 8/10, Metal Trenches

“Frown Upon Us is one of those great records from 2016 that might be overlooked” – Progstravaganza

“The fusion of hardcore and metal is quite astounding; the amount of talent these guys possess is utterly ludicrous at points, leaving listeners wondering what the hell just happened” – Metal Horizon

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