Time, the Valuator Release Video for Starseeker

It’s been only a couple of months since the German metallers have debuted their first release, “How Fleeting, How Fragile“, and, after a successful European tour and a few festivals -such as Euroblast, High 5ive and More Core coming up-, the band has yet to take a break. To showcase their dedication and keep pushing their latest effort, they are debuting today the music video for a fans’ favorite: “Starseeker“, and you can watch it now, exclusively on Dreambound.

Time, the Valuator‘s characteristic sound can be heard in full here: soaring vocals, that could rival Trenton of Hands Like Houses or Jonny Craig himself, solid drumming, a thumping bass line and creative guitar, piano and synth work are the soul of the track, and showcase beautifully why this group has emerged as one of the favorite underground bands of 2018.
If you’re curious as well, you can check it out for yourself, as “Starseeker” is probably one of the best representations of the band’s sound, that can be heard in full on their debut full length, “How Fleeting, How Fragile“, available worldwide here.


More about the band: “Create an impression, let your light shine, or leave traces,” with this vision, the German lineup Time, The Valuator was founded mid-2015. Holding vast influences from a wide array of different styles, they craft a sound of their own, blending atmospheric, catchy and heavy elements together, while taking absolutely no creative compromises. Through heaps of creative potential and disciplined working, Time, The Valuator strive to create something to remember.

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