DEMATERIALIZE Release Debut Single “Ephemeral”

DEMATERIALIZE is here, and is unleashing their music upon the world, starting today.
Hailing from Illinois, the quartet has just stepped into the light, and they’re coming for you firing on all cylinders: if you’re looking for shreddy, spazzy, headbanging material -a mix between Born of Osiris, Knocked Loose and Veil of Maya-, look no further, as Ghost Killer Entertainment is premiering exactly what you’re looking for, and you can watch it here.

If the band name doesn’t ring a bell, don’t fret; while these guys might be fresh on the market, they’re coming at the world with an energy that isn’t easily found these days, and that can be transmitted just by giving a spin to their newest, debut single “Ephemeral”. With great cinematography (courtesy of Mr. Jeremy Garza), amazing light work, and music that makes you want to punch someone in the face and spin-kick them into space, DEMATERIALIZE isn’t kidding around, and they’re ready to leave their mark.
But wait, there’s more: if you like what you heard, you’ll soon be able to hear more, as the band’s debut EP is being released on December 7th via Famined Records, so keep your eyes on their social media, and pre-save the upcoming singles here.

We asked the band to open up about the track as well: “The track examines the unsustainable relationship between our society‚Äôs modern day lifestyle and the natural environment in which we are supported by. “Ephemeral” offers an introduction to the DEMATERIALIZE sound which mainly consists of aggressive chugs, melodic guitar, and atmospheric keys. The EP was written over the course of the past 6 years and grew from a small side project unconstrained by geographical boundaries into a creative outlet that serves as a platform for us to address topics that we feel passionately about. We are very excited to share the rest of the EP with others and continue pursuing music with the support of Famined Records.”

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