Heruin Release Music Video for “Addict”

We’re very proud at Famined Records to announce the signing of the very talented Heruin. Furthermore, we’re excited to be presenting their music video for “Addict” in collaboration with Ghost Killer Entertainment and The Circle Pit. The song is the title track for the group’s upcoming debut EP, Addict, which will be released on May 11th.

You’d have to blind not to notice the current revival of nu-metal mixed with metalcore occurring worldwide apparent in groups such as SylarCane Hill, DED, Darke Complex, My Ticket Home, etc. With an understanding of pure heaviness and infectious melodies contained in the aforementioned bands, Heruin adds their own individual and unique twist to the nu-metalcore subgenre on the “Addict” track and their upcoming EP of the same name.
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Heruin is a recently formed project based in Munich, Germany
consisting of Darius Asgarian (vocals), Benjamin Cepiga (guitar), Ludwig Urban (guitar), Jonas Hoelscher (bass), and Aaron Dylan Rusch (drums). Their style is both reminiscent of nu-metal bands like Korn and Linkin Park as well as more modern metalcore groups including Sworn In or Wage War. With a ferocious groove and harsh vocals building up to a huge, hooky chorus, you’ll want to jump on the bandwagon as these guys explode immediately.

Mark your calendar for the release of the upcoming EP and keep your eye out for live shows this Summer!

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