HARMED Release “Speechless/Deaf”

Famined Records is proud to welcome HARMED to the family! Today the band is celebrating by releasing the new music video for their latest single, Speechless/Deaf. This follows the announcement of their first album From Day One, which is due 12/15. You can check the track now via Chugcore.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Speechless/Deaf provides the perfect introduction. Fans of Emmure, Wage War and Sylar will love the aggression and dark lyrics. The band elaborated on the track: “The song is about human gullibility: the way we blindly believe and follow things in search of hope and inner peace, even if they are lies or deceit. Finding solace in a worldview or a religion makes it easier to accept our fate, but it is also a way to self-deception.”

Stay tuned for the debut EP, From Day One, available via Famined Records on December 15th.

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More about the Band

Who are you when no one is watching? We all have a side to us that no one knows about: an evil twin that lives inside us, a dark passenger so to speak.

HARMED was formed earlier this year in Budapest with the goal of shining light on the evil within us all. Motivated to  create dark, heavy, and captivating music, their purpose is to introduce their devastating lyrical narrative that is part realist and part subjective to a wide audience.

After months of hard work, HARMED completed their first album From Day One, which will be available worldwide 12/15 through Famined Records.

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