Italian Outfit Apple Sauce Release Debut Single

Italian newcomers Apple Sauce debut today their first music video for “That Bird“, off of their upcoming self-titled album out later this year, and it’s nothing short of eclectic. You can check the video out on Metal Injection.

With the track, the band announce their signing to US-based label Famined Records and make it clear that they’re here to make a name for themselves: combining technicality, soaring vocals, guttural screams and a flare for the unique and ridiculous, Apple Sauce know how to make a statement and turn heads, just check it out for yourselves.

However, behind the layers of diverseness and lightheartedness, “That Bird” strives to convey a deeper, more serious message, as vocalist Diego explains: “That Bird” describes a man (the bird) who cannot find his place in the world. He first surrounds himself with people and friends (his flock) then proceeds to self-isolate (the blue sky), both to no avail, until he’s able to find balance and his place in this world (the nest). However his own nature leaves him restless, and he can never really find peace in the end.

You can stream or purchase “That Birdhere, and pre-order the band’s self-titled full length here.
About the Act

Apple Sauce was born in 2016. The band recorded their self-titled debut, “Apple Sauce出鱈目” at Verbena Recording Studios, and shipped it off to get mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari of Wavemotion Recordings (Prospective, Glory Of The Supervenient, Drown In Sulphur). Their first effort will come to fruition and be released in 2020.
Apple Sauce has shared the stage with The Contortionist, Skyharbor, Sunprocrisy, Hypno5e, Ralph Salati (Destrage), Folkstone and and more, from across the world.

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