Tune in on today to check out the newest DEMATERIALIZE single, “DOOM”. To continue in the vein of their debut single, “Ephemeral”, the band is once again bringing the heavy, with some “punishing riffs from down below”. Get ready to head-bang, tap your foot along and overall blast this from your car, laptop, phone or any device you can get your hands on, as it’s the kind of track that begs to be listened to at full volume.

DEMATERIALIZE‘s self-titled debut EP will be out this December 7th via Famined Records. The first single off of it is already available online and “DOOM” is an instant gratification track for whoever pre-orders the album as well, which you can do here.

Members of the band opened up about the track: “DOOM comments on some of the Orwellian aspects we see weaved into the fabric of our modern day society. The dystopian lyrics in conjunction with our punishing riffs from down below bring to life subject matter that parallel themes found throughout the book 1984. We tried to illustrate the bleak themes of the story through our heaviest song.”

About the Act
DEMATERIALIZE make use of relentless chugs, melody sweeps, and atmospheric keys to mercilessly pound the listener into submission.

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